Company Overview

Our group's essence. Who we are and what we believe in.



The Beginning

The Geographic Expansion and Acquisitions

Becoming a publicly traded company


The Beginning

Banco Regional de Monterrey S.A., BanRegio, was founded in 1994 as a Banking Institution focused on serving the financial needs of Small and Medium Size Businesses. It began operations on September 7, 1994 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Formed by a group of Bankers with a wide experience in the industry, Banregio quickly positioned itself as a serious player in the market.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


The success of our Customers
To be a bank attuned with the community.
Institutional Values
Relevant, Prudent, Humane, Leadership, Openness.

Our Segments


Wholesale Business
Focus on medium-sized business (loans greater than MXN $30 million) through a variety of financial products. Banregio offers loans for Working Capital or Investment Projects, aiming to help the development of our customers business.
Retail Banking
SMEs: Focus on small-sized business (loans up to MXN $30 million). Banregio offers to small business and entrepreneurs, financial services and products that strengthen and facilitate the administration of their business, such as: Loans, POS, Insurance, among others.
Preferred Banking: Banregio provides personalized service and advisory, according to the customer’s needs. The main products offered in this segment are: Credit Cards, Personal Loans and Mortgage (home and land acquisition, construction, renovations and refinance of existing loans).
Use for acquisition of different types of assets such as: machinery and equipment, forklifts, computer and auto fleets; both for individuals and business, through pure or financial leasing.