Corporate Governance

We set forth principles and standards to all entities that constitute the financial group, in order to strengthen the decision-making process and add value to its stakeholders.


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Risk Management

Regional has a Corporate Governance that establishes principles and standards for all its financial entities. This government is defined as a set of inherent relationships between the administration, the Boards of Directors of the different entities, Support Committees, Shareholders, Regulators, Investing Public and other interested third parties, in order to ensure the continuity of the business. In 2018, with the objective of going beyond regulatory compliance, adding real value to the company group and seeking a higher level of reliability and effective accountability for both shareholders and administrators, Regional decided to submit its policies and processes to an independent third-party review. Regional Board of Directors comprises 15 Board members of which 60% are independent. Committees The Board of Directors relies on intermediate bodies that are dedicated to analyzing, reporting and proposing actions on specific issues. These committees are made up of members of the same Board, as well as some managers and officers of the Group companies. The committees include the following: Audit Committee Quarterly sessions and comprises 3 independent Board Members. Duties: Internal and External Audit, Internal Control, Risk Management, Information security, Financial information, Conflict of Interest and Compliance Monitoring of operations with related parties Corporate Practices Committee Quarterly sessions and comprises 4 independent Board Members. Duties: Duties: Strategic planning, Selection, evaluation and compensation of the CEO and relevant directors, Unusual transactions, Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility, Budget Management and Corporate Policies Delegation of Authority Sustainability Operations with related parties More information: Regional's Board of Directors Regional’s Annual Report