Our commitment is to constantly generate social, environmental and economic value to our groups of interest and communities where we operate.

Sustainability at Regional


Sustainability Model

Sustainability Achievements



The bank’s sustainability strategy is linked to the core activity of the business and therefore is aligned with the mission, purpose and values of the Company. The Sustainability Directorate, which reports to the Planning and Finance Directorate, is the area responsible for identifying material issues, informing the Board of Directors and managing the strategy determined by the group's sustainable commitment.
Listening to our Stakeholders
To ensure that our sustainability strategy is always linked to relevant issues for our stakeholders, every two years we carry out a materiality analysis. To learn more about the study, you can access our latest Materiality Analysis available here.
Transparent Reporting
Since 2016 we included financial, environmental, social and governance aspects of our business in our first Integrated Annual Report using the GRI Methodology. During these years we have constantly reviewed our reporting to ensure we meet investor and stakeholder expectations by best practice standards. Our latest Annual Report responds to the material issues, as well as to the GRI and SASB reporting frame. Annual Report .
Independent assurance
The contents presented in our annual report are validated by an external consultant and the assurance statement is based on the international ISAE 3000 standard.
Additional annual disclosures
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Environmental Impact


The continuous improvement of our environmental performance is an essential pillar in our business operations. We work on measuring, reporting and reducing our negative impact in the environment.
Managing our Environmental Impacts
Our Environmental Management System is aligned with national objectives of adaptation to climate change. Its purpose is the reduction and mitigation of GHG and to contribute to the sustainable development of the organization. This system is based on our Environmental Policy, signed by Banregio’s CEO . Environmental Policy
Measuring progress
We have implemented the process of measuring our Carbon Footprint every year since 2017. The results allow us to measure our impact and design new strategies against climate change . In accordance with the Regulation of the General Law on Climate Change regarding the National Emissions Registry, the NMX-SAA-14064 standard and the GHG Protocol, an organizational approach was considered to establish the limits of the analysis and calculate the carbon footprint of scopes 1, 2 and 3 . Read our latest Carbon Footprint Report here.
Connecting our community with nature
We promote the education of preservation and care of the environment among our employees and the community through: all year awareness campaigns, volunteering, training, and employee recognitions. Also, we created permanent awareness campaigns about climate change, recycling, and on how to have a more sustainable life.
Thinking of new measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, in 2019 we organized for the first time a reforestation volunteer program in partnership with Pronatura. We planted more than 900 stone pines in the company of more than 250 volunteers from Banregio. Since then we adapted to the new reality through remote activities, such as online workshops and environmental volunteering from home, hand in hand with Construyendo una Sociedad Sostenible (SOSAC), with the intention that our employees continue implementing sustainable practices from home . Read about our more recent volunteering activities here .
Sustainability Course
On our training plan for all employees we have a Sustainability course with the intention of presenting the initiatives and projects of the department and inviting employees to learn on issues related to our Social and Environmental Impacts so they can identified how they contribute to a sustainable business as well as how they can get involved and propose new projects.
Environmental Wink
We recognize those employees who stand out for their participation in environmental activities with the Environmental Wink. -

Social Impact


Clara Banregio: Offering financial education with a gender perspective
A platform for education and financial inclusion with a gender perspective that offers: personal consulting, workshops, online courses, opinion based articles and a community where we share money stories with respect and without judgment . Our community in Clara has access to our bank’s internal and external financial experts that offer different paths in managing one’s own money thus promoting financial independence . More information at Clara Banregio.
Mentoría Banregio: Developing resilient SMEs
The SME segment constitutes one of the main business units for Banregio, that's why we launched Mentoría, a social responsibility program that supports business owners through: mentorship, practical education and connections . Mentoría Banregio has managed to impact more than 1,500 companies with almost 30 thousand hours of free advice, 120 training and multiple events (now in digital platforms) to create connections with clients, suppliers or key people in their businesses. More at Mentoría Banregio.