Company Overview

Our group's essence. Who we are and what we believe in.


The Beginning

The Geographic Expansion
and Acquisitions

Becoming a publicly
traded company


The Beginning

Banco Regional de Monterrey S.A., BanRegio, was founded in 1994 as a Banking Institution focused on serving the financial needs of Small and Medium Size Businesses. It began operations on September 7, 1994 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Formed by a group of Bankers with a wide experience in the industry, Banregio quickly positioned itself as a serious player in the market.

The Geographic Expansion and Acquisitions

Geographic expansion
The growing demand for financial services, driven by demographics, motivated the bank’s geographic expansion which began in 2003 with a more determined plan.

As of December of 2017, we have a network of 150 branches distributed between 22 states in 49 cities.

Due to the constant search in satisfying the needs of our costumers, Regional acquired two leasing companies:

• In 2009 acquired Master Lease, a company focused on auto fleets leases.

• In 2015 acquired CIT Mexico, a leasing company focused on technology equipment and machinery.

Becoming a publicly traded company

On July 2011, Banregio carried out an Initial Public Offer (IPO) under the ticker symbol GFREGIO on the BMV.

On September 2013, Banregio was included to the IPC Index. The most representative indicator of the Mexican stock exchange.


In April 23, 2018, Banregio (BMV: GFREGIOO) became part of Regional (BMV: RA). This new identity represents the union of the regions of the country where Regional is present.

This way Banregio will strengthen itself, to face the new challenges the industry presents; Regional will allow Banregio to enhance its growth, expediting the process of acquiring or creating new financial and technology businesses, maximizing their value for its shareholders, providing greater flexibility and generating product innovation. Always keeping the essence of Banregio.

The restructure does not affect any of the current subsidiaries of Banregio, among which are Banco Regional de Monterrey, which will maintain the brand and the strategy.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

The success of our Customers
To be a bank attuned with the community.
Institutional Values
Relevant, Prudent, Humane, Leadership, Openness.

Our Main Business Units Strategies

Medium Businesses
Credit is offered to the medium-sized business sector through a wide range of short- and long-term financial products, differentiated and customized, the objective is to help our customers develop their business. BanRegio offers loans of working capital or investment projects.
Small Businesses
Offers to the small business and individuals with business activity, credit, insurance products and services
Personal credit products as credit cards, personal loans and Mortgage. Mortgage loans can be use for home and land acquisition, for construction completion, remodeling and refinancing of existing loans.
Is provided for the acquisition of various types of assets such as machinery and equipment, forklifts, computer equipment and transportation equipment, both for individuals and corporations, with different financing products according to the needs of the clients (pure and financial leasing).
Patrimonial and Private Banking
We provide individual service and advice according to the needs of our customers with the aim of developing their capital with BanRegio's financial solutions and instruments.