Our commitment is to constantly generate social, environmental and economic value to our groups of interest and communities where we operate.

Our approach in three main areas:

Economic Impulse

Social Engagement

Environmental Management

Financial Education

We share and build a knowledge Platform among different groups of interest to promote health and financial Independence and best use of banking services.

Innovation and Client’s Experience

We build tools such as mobile applications and payment platforms, that integrate new users into the financial system, allowing our clients to achieve success.

Support to Entrepreneurship

We support entrepreneurs with our mentoring program Mentoría PyME.

Active community

Actions that generate value to our groups of interest through connection and growth.


We participate in programs, scholarships, donations, contests and exhibitions to promote art in all its forms.

Growth, Well-Being and Excellent Work Environment

We strengthen the relationship between collaborators with better benefits, spaces for coexistence and comprehensive development programs that improve labor relations.

Measuring our Impact

We measure our environmental impact through an annual Carbon Footprint Report in our operation.

Ecologic culture

We promote an education of preservation and care for the environment with our collaborators and the community.

Commercial Strategy

We promote an ecological awareness in our services and offer products that support businesses that help reduce environmental impact.